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At Ample we pride ourselves in using high quality products and strive to construct our builds with only sustainable and environmentally mindful methods and materials. Below we have listed a few of our current partners that we use for numerous projects. We highly recommend these companies and fully back their business mission.


Deweys Lumber

"With 25 years of experience, we only buy our Cedar Saw stock from Maine loggers that practice sustainable forestry. With the experienced crew at Dewey’s we are ready to meet all of your Cedar needs.

​Cedar is a wonderful, practical wood for indoor and outdoor projects. It is a naturally rot resistant wood that will last for many years in any outdoor application. Outdoor applications include decks, fencing, and siding. Boat-builders have used Northern White Cedar for centuries. Some common indoor applications include trim, paneling and v-match.

Dewey’s Lumber began as a solution to a problem – how do you find high quality lumber and great service? The answer is Dewey’s Lumber, which grew from a part-time hobby to a full-time passion back in 1994. A family-run Maine cedar sawmill in Liberty, Maine, Dewey’s Lumber continues to expand and provides rough sawn and finished planed Northern White Cedar down the East Coast. With 25 years of experience and an active network of Maine loggers that supply the wood, we are ready to meet all of your needs.We look forward to being your solution!"



"We have a passion for building science, sustainable material use and Passive House; for protecting the environment and making the world a better place. We want to question, debate, and build consensus. Teamwork brings fun, and we work together - with urgency, to get the job done - across the United States and Canada.

When people ask what we do, one abbreviated response is: “We sell tape.” Though this describes a simple act, it is one with a potentially huge impact. We sell air-sealing tape as a specialized and critical component in a complete building enclosure airtightness system (INTELLO), which is the foundation of a low-energy building. And low-energy buildings are essential to realizing our post-carbon future – mitigating the worst effects of climate change. So at our core, we are activists for a sustainable environment.

Consequently, 475’s mission is to supply essential materials, building components, and knowledge that will lead a transformation of the North American construction industry toward making durable high-performance, Passive House and zero-energy buildings."

High Performance Building



"The company aims to facilitate and support the construction of energy-efficient, well-protected and healthy buildings by developing, manufacturing and marketing highly effective sealing systems for thermal insulation structures. In this way, asset values can be preserved and a pleasant, healthy indoor environment can be created. Product development at pro clima aims to combine excellent performance with the best possible ecological impact.

People feel comfortable in indoor spaces that have the right indoor climate: pleasantly warm in winter, not too hot in summer, and no problems with mould or hazardous substances. In addition, heating costs should ideally be kept as low as possible and maximum protection should be provided against moisture damage to structures. pro clima can help you achieve all this!"


WEST MARINE //  ​Watsonville, CA 

west marine //  ​watsonville, CA 
"For more than 50 years, West Marine has been the premier retailer of boating, fishing, sailing and paddling gear. With more than 240 stores located in 38 states and Puerto Rico and an eCommerce website reaching domestic, international and professional customers, West Marine is recognized as a leading resource for cruisers, sailors, anglers and paddlesports enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, West Marine has continued to rely on outstanding customer service, selection and quality as its anchor and that’s been the secret of its success."

West Marine



Havelock Wool

havelock wool // reno, NV
"It is our goal to produce a truly superior building product with unrivaled integrity. We seek to work with those who appreciate the value of alternative building products and a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem. We are actively building consumer awareness concerning “traditional” toxic building materials.

Moisture inevitably makes its way into your walls. You need an insulation that actively manages that moisture. Havelock Wool is the only insulation capable of managing moisture. 

A quieter home is a healthy home. Havelock Wool excels at absorbing sound and reducing unwanted noise. All this makes your home a more pleasant place to be."




rinsekit // vista, CA // Discount Code: AMPLEALTERNATIVE
"We seek to create innovative and quality products that make cleaning up on the go easy. We strive to provide excellent customer service and do everything we can to help you stay clean and safe."

Chris Crawford, created the first self-pressurized portable RinseKit all the way back in 2014 to rinse off after surfing. Now, 7 years later, RinseKit is the leading portable shower company in the world."


OGO //  ​North Baltimore, OH 

Going off grid can be full of wonderment and once in a lifetime opportunities. No matter how you choose to go, for how long, or your destinations, we can provide a proper sanitation, in a sleek and modern design. We are here to help provide education on composting, using compost toilets, transitioning to more sustainable lifestyles, and more. 

OGO Composting Toilet
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