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Our client purchased the property as a future rental // air bnb stay, with hopes to make it a modern day, nautical themed home. Encouraging our sustainable methods we generated a materials list and pitched our ideas as to what should be removed and brought into the home – ultimately making it more energy efficient.

We removed double layered carpet in the basement and bedrooms and added a thermal and moisture barrier on all concrete floors. Joints were tapped and a vinyl, durable waterproof flooring was laid down. Instantly you could feel a temperature change in the basement. The heat source was an 80's boiler and was unfortunately on its last legs. By having to replace this unit we are required to bring everything else up to code. We took this as an opportunity to choose a smaller furnace to run baseboard heaters and hot water. However the future of the main heat source would be relying on energy efficient mini split heat pumps, allowing for heat, ac, and dehumidification. While adding insulation value is very hard without ripping everything down, we focused on updating the current systems and a cold basement. The lighting in this home was dated and each fixture running an average of two 60 – 80 watt bulbs. Every light or fixture was replaced with LED 10 watt fixtures.

The homeowner, Chara, was an absolute pleasure to work with as she went above and beyond to ensure quality materials were used so that future stayers would enjoy their vacation to the fullest. If looking for a place to vacation, add this one to your list!

The Nelson’s Project
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